31 de mai de 2012

WOW!project _by Fabrica, Benetton

About WOW!project 
Sharing creative talent and fun around the globe. 

What is WOW! 
In many cultures WOW! is a common expression in front of the wonders of imagination and creativity. WOW! also stands for Windows of Wonder, the new United Colors of Benetton project for young artists and designers from all over the planet. An extraordinary opportunity to globally spread and share creative expressions, social messages, passions, dreams and fun. WOW! is a technologically innovating transmedia experience in creative expression and play. Mainly based on a dedicated web portal and the network of "Benetton Live Windows"—the spectacular video wall shop windows of the Benetton Icon stores present in the key fashion capitals: Milan, London, Paris, Barcelona, and many more.

How does WOW! help young artists?
On the WOW! website, artists from any field of artistic expression (animation, motion graphics, video, digital art, music, theater, performance, dance, painting, graffiti, etc.) can access information on the initiative, register and easily upload their creative contributions for direct publishing. The most interesting works will be regularly selected to be made visible also on the "Benetton Live Windows" global network. Taking part is easy and to make it even smoother the great design team at WOW! will brilliantly and respectfully adapt the work, if needed, for the different video wall formats.

Who invented WOW!?
Windows of Wonder is a non-profit art project created by Fabrica, Benetton's grant-based innovation lab, developed in collaboration with YAI-Young Artists Incubator. WOW! was conceived by a team of under 25 year-old multidisciplinary designers. Fabrica has been fostering and promoting creative youth, multicultural exchange, and design for social impact since 1994.

Make the world go WOW! in front of your creativity!

 fonte: http://icon.benetton.com/