4 de nov de 2007

The “New” New Typography

A Critical View of Typography

The following section will detail the process of my graduate thesis application. I will present the critical thinking behind the project, sample pages of the printed book, a translation of the printed piece into html, followed by a complete bibliography and timeline.
The thesis application attempts to answer several questions concerning the state of typography today through the eyes of a graphic designer. One of my goals from the outset was to produce a scholarly body of work on typography, breaking new ground in critical design thinking.
The target audience is a mix of design practitioners, design educators, and design students. My intent was to discuss how the differences between digital typography and traditional typography have led to a new design aesthetic and how this has changed the role of typography in graphic design. I supported my belief that the current state of graphic design is a continuum in the evolution of graphic form with many historical precedents which validate the new typographic forms. The role of the Macintosh in the proliferation of graphic design was investigated. Also explored were different theories of legibility as they pertain to appropriateness of content.

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