4 de mar de 2009

Getting Started with Silverlight for Eclipse

Microsoft® is taking interoperability seriously when it comes to Silverlight. Now, thanks to Microsoft and Soyatec, Eclipse developers will be able to create Microsoft Silverlight™ applications right in their favorite IDE.
by Sheryl Canter
February 5, 2009

Fans of the open source and highly configurable Eclipse IDE got a present recently: a new beta of the Silverlight plug-in for Eclipse. It offers many of the same features as Silverlight Tools for Visual Studio® 2008, including code-hinting and XAML preview. The plug-in is being developed by Soyatec with funding, architectural guidance, and project management from Microsoft's Interoperability Team. The best way to tour the features of Silverlight for Eclipse is to actually try it. So in this article we'll create a simple Silverlight app using Eclipse—a syndication feed reader. The app lists feed items in the top of the window, and displays the selected feed item beneath the list. It's amazing how little code it takes to put this together. Here's what the finished app looks like: