5 de mar de 2009

STEP inside design

STEP inside design explores the impact of design on all facets of our lives; how we work, learn, move, communicate, and play. STEP takes readers behind the scenes to meet the creative problem-solvers that make it possible for us to move through the world in brilliant and dynamic ways. Each issue includes profiles of visionary creatives, thoughtful analysis on business issues, and essays and commentaries on design’s most relevant questions. It’s the one magazine that shows you the world of design from the inside out and goes beyond the “who” and the “how” to explore the “why” of contemporary design.

STEP offers two big design annuals: The STEP inside design 100 (March/April issue), featuring the top 100 designs from our Design 100 competition. Winners are selected by a jury of five leading designers. AND The Best of Web Design annual (September/October issue) features the most innovative websites online. To find out more about STEP inside design’s competitions, click here.