21 de mar de 2009

Green Graphic Design

by Brian Dougherty and Celery Design Collaborative

The first book to focus on sustainable design
Green paper, printing, binding, shipping, packaging, more
Author is a respected leader in green design
Simple, doable changes that can help save the earth

Be among the first graphic designers to shift toward sustainable, or green, design. A leader in the field, author Brian Dougherty explains how simple eco-friendly changes in the paper, printing, binding, shipping, packaging, and budgeting of products can add clarity, profitability, innovation, and even meaning to any design project. Illustrated case studies highlight the key steps in the process, and an extensive index of web resources, paper suppliers, and reading lists support the move toward going green. It isn’t easy going green...wait, yes, it is--when you’ve got Green Graphic Design to show the way!

About the Author
Brian Dougherty is a partner at Celery Design Collaborative and a recognized leader in green design. A founding member of the board of advisors for the AIGA Center for Sustainable Design, he lives and works in Berkeley, California.

Dougherty, Brian [2009] Green Graphic Design, Allworth Press.